Heavy Equipment for All

This is the view from the cab of a 400,000 dollar wheel loader. The largest machine on display during the Tracey Road Equipment open house was a Liebherr L586. The Liehberr name seems to be a new addition to the already extensive stable of heavy equipment names that include the likes of Kolbelco, Sakai, Bell and Terex. Anway, the L586 comes equipped with a 335 HP engine, hydrostatic trans, z-bar linkage and a 50,000 tipping load. Based on that late stat and if I understand the specs correctly this loader should be able to lift nearly it’s own operating weight of 69,000 lbs before tipping over the front axle.

Wheel Loader

This pair of Kobelco excavators with demo shears are just waiting for that next urban renewal project. By the way, those shears while weighing just about as much as a modern car also happen to cost about the same price. Who knew it was so expensive to make scrap?

Demo Shears

For those of you who freak out about walking through metal detectors at the the airport stay away from this machine.

Giant Magnet

And pleeennnttty more.

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