New and Improved

Row upon row of brand new trucks all open for the inspection. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet Tracey Road Equipment is Daimler Trucks NA dealership which means Freightliners and Western Stars of all types. Tracey has two of these 4700s in a low profile setup that are used to deliver rental and other equipment around town.

Western Star 4700 Low Profile

The 5700XE model is finally starting to arrive in large numbers. Here we see both the daycab and sleeper variants. Very sharp interiors on these trucks. Check out the video below if you need further convincing.

Western Star 5700XE

Video starts with a Freightliner Cascaida, moves to a Freightliner 114SD dump truck, next both 5700XE, a WS 4900 with DD16 engine and ends with a Freightliner 122SD. Over ten minutes of new truck footage!

New trucks were even rolling in as the open house began to wind down for the day. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen new rigs transported in this style. A mini goose neck looking arm attached directly attached to a fifth wheel of the power unit that connected to the second Cascadia. A truck pulling a truck pulling trucks. Truck inception! Out at the very back of this road train we have two daycab Cascadias for UPS Freight. I’m disappointed to see them switching to the all brown color of every other truck in the fleet. I think the silver, gold and brown paint job on current trucks looks really sharp.

New Freightliner Trucks

More angles.

And more trucks

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