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Still Working – Steel Fender Mack DM

Now this a is a great photo of a cool truck. The steel hood/fender Mack DM was always a truck destined for heavy duty use and here we see one living up to that dream. Hugh shot this truck at … Continue reading

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Mack Tow Trucks

Why is there no longer a Mack DM? Can you really spec out a Granite as a heavy duty workhorse? I guess the answer depends on what the Volvo overlords are preaching that day. I specifically went to the Alex … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – Mack DM

Like most people I enjoy a nice Sunday cruise through the country. I would say that outside of run down industrial areas your chances of find old trucks is the best out in the boonies. Sometimes you have to just … Continue reading

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Mack DM812 Missing and Presumed Rusted

Along with the beautiful 1973 Autocar DC another classic member of the Cortese fleet was this 1980 Mack DM812SX1041. Reading the specs on this truck will make any Mack purist salivate. Hauling power was generated by a Mack 300 Plus … Continue reading

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On the Job – Waste Management Mack DM

The location and coverage below is not new to Daily Diesel Dose but the truck is and that is all that matters. Two years ago I watched as a Waste Management Mack DM pushed the cardboard dumpster into the Civic Center … Continue reading

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Mack DM with Material Handler

A Mack DM unloads concrete blocks  on a frigid February day. Hopefully this kind of weather is behind us!

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1970’s Allentown

Truck capital of the world. That was once the slogan proudly worn by the citizens of Allentown, PA when Mack Trucks headquarters and manufacturing facilities could be found within the city limits. Over the decades the world changed and factories closed or … Continue reading

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Bulldog Generations

I came across this pair of bulldogs a few weeks ago and thought it was an interesting shot. The old Mack DM on the left may not have the creature comforts of the Granite but it’s still working. We saw this Gabes … Continue reading

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Still Working – Mega Pack!

Watch out! Old trucks coming out of the wood work! Let’s start with this old ‘Binder from the Riccelli Enterprises. Glad to see this old bull still running strong as more and more of the old stuff leaves the fleet … Continue reading

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On the Job – Saunders Mack

The last Daily Diesel Dose topic about a ready-mix truck was 50 calendar days ago. I can hear the screams of outrage across the globe as I admit to this travesty so please accept this Mack DM(?) as an apology. … Continue reading

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