Mack B-67 with Holmes 750

I’ve often remarked on how many restored and unrestored B-Models can still be found with just a little searching. Seemingly more than other truck model from any other manufacturer there is always another B-Model lurking around the corner. Did Mack sell more than their competitors? Or maybe the B really just was a better built truck than the others and has truely stood the test of time. Who can really say but I think we call agree that we’re better off with these trucks than without.

Mark came across the 1964 B-64 with Holmes 750 from Stockhausers Garage of Prospect, NY. This family business traces its roots back to 1910 and is a familiar name for all those needing a tow in the areas north of Utica, NY. As you can see the truck was up for sale when Mark took these photos. Current location is unknown.

It’s a great looking truck. Hopefully it found a good home.

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