Autocar Mondays – Emergency

I might be repeating myself but Autocars just look right as tow trucks. They look even better when then they are the venerable Construcktor model complete with steel push bumper and Holmes 850 Wrecker.

There are so many great details on this truck from the roof mounted A/C unit, to the fender mounted lights and sirens, and of course big tall rubber on spokes. No longer a front line unit, or even a Nassau Police unit for that matter, this truck currently resides at a top secret location waiting for the day when the time comes to answer the call of duty again.

Autocar Tow Truck Nassau Police

About the only downside to this truck might be the automatic transmission which lowers it’s coolness factor but a tenth of a point. Still good enough for a gold metal. Big thanks to Paul for finding this truck and sharing this photo with us!

Need more public service Autocar tow trucks? Check on this former Newark, NJ police wrecker. More? Okay, what about this AWD monster from the Syracuse DPW?

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