Midland NovaChip

Over the past eight years or so I’ve started the tradition of taking a day off from work on my birthday. It’s like a gift I give myself. I like to spend a portion of that day driving around looking for interesting sights or activities that normally don’t take place during my usual weekend cruises. Activity like this Midland Paving crew and their Novachip paver are exactly what I am searching for during these destinationless journeys.


Look at this tar and oil soaked behemoth. It’s fantastic. After passing through the construction zone I found a spot to pull over and wait for my photo window to open. The machine was out of sight, hidden by a crest in the road, but I could tell its approach by steady stream of exhaust produced by the power unit.  I really found this setup so much more interesting than your typical paver.


And I suppose this machine looks different as it is not laying down your typical layer of pavement. NovaChip is a self priming paver intended to lay over an existing stretch of road that has been pretreated with a polymer rich asphalt emulsion. I won’t pretend that I knew that before hand or even what that statement really means so check out the Midland site if you’re interested.

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