New Macks, New Western Stars, New Freightliners

I won’t pretend that I don’t have a leaning toward the trucks of the past but new rigs are not without their charm. Sometimes they look pretty darn good if you ignore all the electronic gremlins and engine problems that are lurking beneath the sheet metal. Maybe I’m painting with too broad a brush? I normally don’t take photos of Volvos but when I do they come out looking fantastic. That is my skill. 😉

The sun was in the perfect location for this shot when I stopped by Beam Mack. That’s one good looking VNL.

Volvo VNL

Mack fans don’t fret, a nice pair of Pinnacles were also on hand with future in leasing through Conway Beam Leasing.

Mack Pinnacle

Moving to the other side of town we pay a visit to Tracey Road Equipment and a day cab Western Star 5700XE. Of all the new and radical truck designs of the past few years I’ve warmed up to this one the quickest. Hopefully these will sell well and break up the monotony of fleet trucks on the highways of today.

Western Star 5700XE Day Cab

Obviously based on the sun in this photo I didn’t take the shot below during my visit with the 5700XE. I found it to be a nice representation of the Daimler Trucks North America line up with a Western Stars of all types, a Freightliner Cascadia and a poor little M2 hiding in the background.


Seen below, a day cab Pinnacle also for Conway Beam Leasing, like the ones above it will probably be a dedicated customer truck, another shot of the Volvo and a look at the red Pinnacle hiding in it’s shadow. If only the spots had been reversed. What a photo that would have made! *Update* I almost forgot about a new Mack Granite for Van Slyke Trucking.

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