On the Job – Oshkosh F2346

Oshkosh F2346 Cement Truck

Oshkosh F2346 – Click to Enlarge

A face that only a mother could love. That is the phrase that sprang to mind when I saw this Vitale & Robinson Concrete truck rumbling down the street the other day. Like many smaller truck manufacturers Oshkosh was not above purchasing cabs from competitors in order to reduce cost. I’m pretty sure this is Peterbilt/Kenworth cab based on the three rear windows although the split windshield seems to be an Oshkosh modification. Previous generations of the F series used not only a Freightliner cab but the grill housing as well. Click here for a photo.

The photo below happens to be a screen grab of a video I shot of this truck. I’ve slowly been assembling clips of random trucks and construction work I’ve encounterd during my walks through downtown Syracuse. Look for more info soon!

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