On the Job – Waste Management Mack DM

The location and coverage below is not new to Daily Diesel Dose but the truck is and that is all that matters. Two years ago I watched as a Waste Management Mack DM pushed the cardboard dumpster into the Civic Center loading docks. It was the one the first videos I shot on what was then my first smart phone. That phone is long gone by the way. It fell into a unflushed toilet just a few months after I got it. Easy come. Easy go. I bet the driver of this WM truck wished he had such an easy time dropping of his dumpster. Usually I don’t pay much attention to this kind of action just outside my office window but this time an older and slightly grizzled Mack DM was to be found on duty. As noted before the driver must park the truck parallel to the direction of the road  to drop this dumpster, effectively blocking all traffic. Being downtown no one takes lightly to this kind of behavior and constantly attempts to sneak in front, behind, and beneath the truck in some misguided effort to get to work one minute earlier.

Waste Management Mack DM

I like the look of this setback axle Macks DM so much more than the Mack RD’s with their chunky hoods and square headlights. Waste Management has plenty of those running around so it was nice to catch this classic. Anyway, I watched as the driver lined up for the dock, dropped the dumpster and then attempted to move it into position. Wet pavement and a steel guide track lead to a few minutes of wheel spinning and cab bouncing. Eventually after some repositioning and hooking back on to dumpster the driver was able to seal the deal. Traffic than burst free and rushed down the street to the next red light.

A few more angles.

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