Run Through The Junk Yard

Consider this post the grand wrap of the Dobbins Auto Parts auction extravaganza that occurred this past spring. I do have a few other pictures and videos but they are mostly of cars so they won’t see the light of day on the site as there is enough of that stuff around the web already.

Up first is a quick walk around video of an International Fleetstar 2010A. On the numbering model scale of Fleetstars this one falls in the middle of the pack. This truck was gas powered and at one time belonged to the NYS Department of Environmental Conversation. Rust on this truck was minimal and the dump bed appeared to be only slightly abused. The interior of the cab had seen better days but what 30+ year truck doesn’t have it share of missing seats?

Of all the video I took this one may give you the best idea of the sheer amount of vehicles that existed on the Dobbins property. It seemed like every make and model from a wide variety of manufacturers were present. Pickups trucks, Walter Snow Fighters, fire trucks and more are covered. When watching this video I was reminded of how tricky some of the vehicles on the lot were. Often times you would see a vehicle a few rows over and think it looked too solid to be in a scrap yard. As you approached your optimism would only increase. You may even think about obtaining a bidding number. Then you would walk to the other side of the truck only to see tha dozer had completely obliterated every inch of straight steel. This video contains footage from two different cameras so you might notice a change in quality around the three minute mark.

Not only where the cars, trucks and busses (oh the busses!) of every type in the yard there also was a fair amount of heavy equipment. In addition to the dozers, rollers and cable shovels there was a large collection of dismantled Trojan loaders. You could probably assemble a working unit from the parts available if you had enough skill.

Finally we end with a classic American La France fire truck once operated by the Camden, NY Fire Department. Like many of the other treasures on site this rig was fairly solid and came with nearly everything a fire truck should have. From hoses to fire extinguishers to pikes. It was all ready for the taking. Sadly, it was gas powered.

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3 Responses to Run Through The Junk Yard

  1. Jim says:

    Those were some nice videos. Thanks for posting them. Man, if those trucks could talk! Could you imagine the stories they could tell?

  2. Joe says:

    Nice videos Eric. That old American LaFrance Pioneer brought back memories. When I was kid living in Skaneateles, the Mottville FD had two of those as their front line units, along with a 1960 Chevy & 1939 Ford COE. I believe the Pioneer’s were Waukesha powered and they were marketed to poorer departments as a low cost option to the bigger and fancier American LaFrance siblings.

    Did you happen to get any of the school buses there on film? I would be very interested in them believe it or not.

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