Still Not Done

Yup, still going through photos and videos from the ATHS national convention. I would say that I am about halfway through the photos and less than a quarter through the video. I hope everyone is enjoying what they see. Here¬†we have a ’56 Hendrickson leading the way. I’ve seen Hendricksons before but usually they are heavy duty, set back axle monsters.

Hendrickson Truck

For all you fans of fire trucks how about this ’73 Pierce? The owner of this truck took some neat photos from the eagle perch it created.

Pierce Snorkel Truck

Looking for something rare? Take a gander at this 1939 Studebaker Coca-Cola truck. This is an original delivery truck from the mean streets of NYC. From 1938 to 41 over 6000 K15Ms were produced with only six still being road worthy in our modern times.

Studebaker K15M

I’ll leave you with this parting image of classic Kenworths still hauling for a living.

Kenworth Trucks

Tomorrow we take a detour from the show. View the images below to hang until then.

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