Still Working – Hough H70 Payloader

Why use jack stands when you can use a payloader? I has the good fortune to come across this 1964 Hough H70 being used to lift a trailer with bad landing gear the other day. Recently sold after decades of use by the Carthage Central School District this loader is powered by an International 429 six cylinder diesel engine. Auction notes described the overall condition of the machine as fair with minimal rust. Tire chains and 8 foot plow included! What a steal.

Hough H70 Payloader

When referring to other front end loaders or wheel loaders as Payloaders you would be incorrect as the Payloader eponym is actually a brand or trademark. Just like Kleenex is a brand of tissue but is commonly used to describe any form of that product. Nerdy enough? I think so.

Past Hough Payloader Action

Hough H60 Payloader

Hough H120 Payloader

Identity Crisis – Hough Payloader

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  1. Jake S. says:

    Neat loader! As a side note, at the rigging company I work for, it is not uncommon to use forklifts to move trailers around the yard. I’ve even used them to load (immobile) trailers on other trailers, and occasionally flip a flat trailer to access the underside. Fun stuff!

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