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90 Ton Lorain Crane

The next time you find yourself in a position where you need to lift 90 tons you will wish you had this Lorain Motocrane MC-790. You’ll call out to it but there will be no answer. That is unless you … Continue reading

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ATCA Macungie 2013 – The Videos

You saw the pictures the other day of the ATCA National Meet in Macungie, PA and now it’s time for the video. After all, it’s one thing to look at these fine classic trucks but it’s another thing to see … Continue reading

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Still Working – International S-Series Dump Truck

This past Thursday I was staking out a busy truck watching spot in downtown Syracuse. I was about to call it quits when I heard this International approaching from the opposite side of the avenue. There was no mistake about … Continue reading

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Town of Harford – Western Star 4700SF

Have we been here before? Looks like Western Star is making serious inroads into the local  snow plow market especially with the 4700SF platform. Just like the Town of Cuyler truck from last week this 4700 is powered by a … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – Chevy Bison

I had to turn around when I saw this truck parked at the end of a long driveway. At first I thought it was a GMC General but it turned out to be a truck that is a little more … Continue reading

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At The Dealer – Western Star 4700SF

Finally a plow truck in my favorite color! The Town of Cuyler looks ready to roll with their brand new Western Star 4700SF. A Viking-Cives plow and dump body are the vendor of choice for this setup. Power is provided … Continue reading

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The Ride Along

About two weeks ago I received a private message through the message boards at brockwaytrucks.org from Klye, the owner of the 257 you see below. Turns out we had both attended the ATCA show in Harford, NY over the Labor … Continue reading

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Vintage Words – GM Diesels

Top Daily Diesel Dose contributor Marc, just sent me a huge collection of vintage advertisements that I can now begin to share with you.  To start, we have this ad for GM Diesels, aka, Detroit Diesel. Much like the Million … Continue reading

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ATHS Springfield 2012 – GM

After going through the photos below I’ve come to the following conclusion, GM made some good looking trucks back in the day.  The Springfield show had a great cross section of General Motors trucks from the 40’s to the end … Continue reading

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ATHS Springfield 2012 – The Brockways

First let me start with a disclaimer, the gallery below does not represent all the Brockway trucks in attendance. I have a shameful secret to admit…all the years of living in Brockway country have left me jaded. I’ve become used to … Continue reading

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