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The New Face of Plowing

Last year International trucks and Viking Cives won the NYSDOT contract to supply Class 8 heavy trucks and snow plows to the agency for the next three years. Below you see one of the first trucks of this new contract … Continue reading

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Bent out of Shape

Last week I mentioned that my potential photo of a mean looking International Paystar was wrecked by red light running jerk. Honestly, it nearly ruined my entire evening. I kept replaying the event again and again in mind because obliviously … Continue reading

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Supporting Cast

Many, many years ago, long before this site started and long before I had a digital camera I saw this truck working alongside Route 5 in Fayetteville, NY. At the time I thought it would be a cool truck to … Continue reading

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At Auction – International 2574 Snow Plow

We all know that I’m a fan of International Trucks, specifically the S-Series and the line of heavy trucks that evolved from that linage into the 2574 and 2674 models. When I found out that an auction was taking place … Continue reading

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Wrath of Hercules

By this time most of the Northeast has recovered from winter storm Hercules. Here in Central New York we received around 6 to 8 inches of snow. Of course some locations that have a permanent snow cloud tethered above their … Continue reading

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Snowplow Stalking 2014 Season

To the horror of many winter has returned to my part of the world. There will be much cursing and shaking of heads for the next four to five months. I will usually join the ranks of the fed up … Continue reading

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Bomag and Marini Cold Planers

My wife happened to take some great shots of two different milling machines being hauled by two different Mack trucks. Below you see a NYSDOT Mack Granite hauling a Bomag 600/15 Cold Planer. According to photos on Bomag’s website this … Continue reading

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NYSDOT Freightliner M2 Vac Truck

This Freightliner M2 112 VAC truck is something of a rare setup in the NYSDOT fleet that is comprised mainly of Mack and International trucks. I don’t think this truck represents a switch from Mack to Freightliner but you never … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – Brockway 359

Yesterday I was finishing a session of truck hunting when I decided to travel down one more industrial back road with the hope of finding something interesting.  At this point the haul had been somewhat disappointing but the excitement of breaking in a … Continue reading

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