The Return of Ready Mix Trucks

It’s been quite awhile since the likes of the trucks below have graced the pages of Daily Diesel Dose. It really wasn’t my choice not to have any cement trucks the past few months but you know multiple polar vortexes and record snow falls really are not conducive to concrete work. Whatever evil wizard cast the spell of eternal winter has now died and the warm weather has brought our friends back.

WELCOME TO THE CONCRETE JUNGLE! Sorry, but a front discharge mixer has nothing on this truck. NOTHING! Vitale & Robinson Concrete happen to the be the owner of this beastly Mack truck. They also happen to the operators of the ungainly looking Oshkosh F2346 (here too)and a very well preserved Ford L9000.

Here we have a Cranesville Block mixer helping to set freshly installed granite curbs. This was a fluid operation with the truck never really stopping. Watch for video to soon be available!

Below in the gallery is another shot of the awesome Mack mixer along with a what appears to be a brand new Terex for Saunders Concrete. Speaking of galleries, have you checked out the B-Roll recently? It’s growing by leaps and bounds!

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