The Spring Shop

Just when you think you are all alone on this frozen chunk of rock we call earth you receive an email from you wife of two truck she thought you would enjoy. Despite years of marriage the truck bug has yet to strike her. When a truck catches her eye it usually is a good one or at very least a classic. I think this Marmon log truck is a nice example of her intuition. I’m glad she stopped for a photo of this truck as I didn’t the first time I drove past it. No excuses. Just pure lazy.

Marmon Log Truck

Also at the heavy duty spring shop was this Oshkosh(man) from the Town of Camillus, NY. This particular rig looks much better than those other two Oshkosh trucks we saw last spring.

Oshkosh Snow Plow

Can my wife be a budding truck photographer? Only time will tell. 😉


Still Working – Marmon Tow Truck

Auction Finds – Marmon HDT-BF-86 Cabover

Marmon Dump Truck

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