Towing Conspiracy

Internationals towing Fords. Fords powered by International built diesel engines. Is there a connection to be made here? By now we all know how the relationship between the two ended. Decades of mutual cooperation and profitability wiped away in a sea of lawsuits and finger pointing. I could spend days filling this page with jokes, acronyms, and yo mamma jokes┬árelating to these two storied brands and their failures but instead let us just enjoy some photos of heavy trucks. In the effort to avoid blatant yellow journalism I’ll admit that I’m not even sure if either pickup is equipped with a diesel.

You may recall this CENTRO wrecker from a few years ago.

International 7600 Tow Truck

On the lighter side we have this International 4700 for the City of Syracuse. Conveniently for both drivers the disabled truck broke down in front of a Dunkin Donuts.

International 4700 Tow Truck

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