Vintage Words – ATA and IHC expand your knowledge!

At some point in the 1960’s  International Harvester and American Trucking Associations worked together to bring this wonderful ad series to print.  Through the ads International was able to highlight their product line by slyly inserting model names and features.  The ATA motive appears to revolve around a desire to educate the public regarding the vital role trucking played in the economy of the country.  Drivers are shown to be clean shaven, uniformed professionals willing to help a stranded motorist on a dark desert road.  Trucks are shown as modern, efficient and safe.  Were the ads an attempt to overcome negative stereotypes of the time?  While much has changed across the industry in the past 50 years I would be willing to say that many of the same issues addressed in the ads still exist today.  One thing does remain constant, the trucking industry is still crucial to the well being of the economy and every person in this U.S.

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