Put Away the Plows?

Everyone has to be wondering if they can put away their snow shovel for the year. With a high temp of 78 degrees this past Wednesday here in Syracuse I have to say the answer is yes. Do it today. By now you know that even though the weather changes the snow plows always have a home here at Daily Diesel Dose. Here is a new Freightliner, destination unknown, that seems about ready to go, even with a front plow that looks like it shrunk in the wash.

Freightliner M2 Snow Plow

The Freightliner 108SD, much has been said about its mug, I’ll leave it at that. This is one is heading to the Village of Herkimer.

Freightliner 108SD snow plow

As we’ve seen from some recent posts the towns of counties of the Hudson Valley really like their heavy duty plow trucks. Tom is back again with an entire collection of Oshkosh rigs from Rockland County, NY. Seen below is truck #89, a 2013 MPT-2530 with a Cummins ISX12(35oHP) connected to a Allison EVS-4000 automatic transmission. A reversible Wausau blade sits up front with 10FT Air-Flo stainless steel dump body out back.


All the warm weather this winter has saved highway department budgets plenty when it comes to manpower and materials. Some older rigs might have even gained another season or two on the road thanks to mother nature. She gives and takes away. Here we see a 2005 Oshkosh from the Town of Newport, NY thanks to Jim and his cousin John.

Oshkosh Snow Plow

When I started this post I didn’t realize how much material I really had! Enjoy the gallery below with big thanks to Tom, Jim and John.

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