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Autocar Mondays – Autocar Trucking

Now this…is an Autocar! Around town there is a local dump truck company that runs nothing but Autocar trucks. The name? Autocar Trucking. Simple enough. Back when I took this photo in 2009 Autocar Trucking ran around 3 or 4 … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – The Old and The Older

This week for Autocar Truck Mondays we return to one of the original Autocars to be featured on this site. Regular visitors may remember this truck from posts back in 2011 and 2012. Hopefully you’re not bored with it yet. … Continue reading

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Snow Plows at Auction

Last week we enjoyed some great footage of Brockway and Autocar snow plows from an auction I recently attended. As mentioned before there was an amazing selection of late model trucks and heavy equipment. Below is a gallery of some … Continue reading

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General Sand and Stone Corp – Autocar DC10364S-OH

Tires, this truck has them. Owned by General Sand and Stone of Pittsfield MA this rig was spec’d heavy but that is par for the course when talking Autocars. The paint job on this truck must have been something to … Continue reading

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Dump Truck Week – The Clarence Autocar

Another truck joins the Clarence Ritchie fleet. However this time it’s an Autocar not a Brockway! This happens to be the ever popular DC model with a Cummins powerplant. As of right now I am unsure of the year and … Continue reading

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Still Working – Autocar Construcktor

Fall appears to be the time of year I cross paths with this particular Autocar Construcktor. Regular visitors may recall this truck from a December posting last year when it was caught working on a sidewalk replacement job. Once again … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – Autocar Dump Truck

I was heading back to civilization after hunting for some old trucks when I came across this Autocar. Needless to say I was surprised as it was sitting right by the road in a very residential part of town. The … Continue reading

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